Furnished apartments: the new trend for travelers

Furnished apartments: the new trend for travelers

The COVID-19 crisis transformed reality as we knew it, impacting the travel industry significantly. Sanitary measures are now widespread across the tourism industry, and travelers are increasingly seeking less risk of exposure and more comfortable spaces to work and enjoy themselves.
That is why travelers choose solutions like the one offered by Bogoapts, an agency specialized in luxury apartments for short and long-term rentals in PRIME areas of Bogota (Chico, Parque 93, and Chapinero). These fully-equipped apartments offer flexibility in terms of duration of stay, as well as spacious areas and beautifully decorated and furnished interiors with everything a traveler could possibly need, making visitors feel at home and no longer constrained to a 20 m2 hotel room.
But what are the advantages of these types of apartments? Here are some of them for those who are planning their next visit to the capital of Colombia.

4 advantages of luxury serviced apartments in Bogota:

1. Flexibility
One advantage of renting these types of apartments is that they are spacious (from 70 m2 to 350 m2), thereby meeting the needs of guests if they plan to travel with family or friends. Furthermore, guests may feel at home without having to enter into a long-term lease and without being forced to decide the length of their stay in advance.

2. Comfort

Furnished apartments ensure maximum comfort, as they offer the space required to go about daily activities without constraints. The interior design is unique; every detail has been devised for the comfort of travelers. Apartments are equipped with everything travelers may need during their stay. Facilities and amenities include: kitchen, laundry, dining room, living room, and bedrooms for a very pleasant stay. 400-thread Egyptian cotton sheets, 700-gram pure cotton towels, complete kitchenware, balconies and terraces, TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi, a security safe, clothes iron, laundry, etc.

3. Location

Bogoapts, for example, offers luxury properties such as ATTIK and SOHO in Chic├│, walking distance from Parque de la 93. Chic├│ is an exclusive residential neighborhood surrounded by parks, restaurants, shopping centers, sights and museums. It also features the BOGO64 property in Chapinero, walking distance from Carrera 7 and the Zona G district, which offers the best cuisine in the city.

4. Security

On the other hand, these furnished apartments provide the required conditions to offer a pleasant stay: safety, hygiene, and privacy. Some offer contactless check-in and check-out services, such as Bogoapts, to reduce contact with other people in the interest of the biosecurity of guests.

The COVID-19 pandemic is yielding great lessons. We have learned to assign more value to spaces and the comfort they offer. Thus, furnished apartments are an excellent choice, allowing travelers to embrace the “New Normalcy” and start travelling again in a pleasant way. It is now possible to make longer trips and even work from a chosen destination, providing the opportunity to EXPERIENCE the city authentically, no longer as tourists but as “locals”.

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