The New Normal

The new normal came with positive changes, including the ease of working from anywhere around the world while reaping the benefits that technology has to offer. It is now possible to live and work in several countries, due to flexible working hours and home office arrangements.

In fact, professionals from a wide range of industries embraced the challenge of working remotely and traveling for pleasure, while maintaining productivity. This mindset shift allowed executives to strike a balance between work and pleasure.

To this end, they began to explore on the lookout for inspiring places that would make them feel at home, but that would also offer them the possibility of discovering the city and its surroundings, where they could enjoy tourism, shopping, handicrafts, cuisine, sightseeing and recreation.

This trend has been particularly prevalent among senior executives who travel to Bogota for long periods of time on business, and who are not willing to compromise on the comfort and convenience they enjoy in their offices and homes.

Fully furnished apartments with luxury services, such as BOGOAPTS, cater to this need. Users may choose between multiple options, locations and prices, from one to four bedrooms and areas between 70 and 300 square meters, with spectacular terraces and balconies.

A home away from home

BOGOAPTS is the first LUXURY CORPORATE HOUSING agency in Bogota. It offers luxury furnished apartments with exclusive services and customized experiences for its guests.

Beyond the comfort of a hotel room, each apartment allows business executives to quickly adapt to change and feel right at home. BOGOAPTS is the ideal host to ensure a pleasant experience for business executives, as its spaces are tailored to meet business and family needs.

These are furnished apartments that offer the comfort, security and services that everyone expects. They are equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, dining room, laundry, Netflix, and parking space, featuring home office amenities (high speed Wi-Fi and places specially designed to work comfortably), thus enabling remote work on a business trip, while simultaneously offering guests the chance to enjoy the pleasure of being in a different place.

By taking care of every detail, the BOGOAPTS team and its concierge will take care of daily necessities such as cleaning and grocery shopping, or even advise on how to prepare dinner at home. Spa services are also available for executives or their families who wish to relax.

Properties are located within the best neighborhoods of Bogota, such as Chic├│, Chapinero, and Parque de la 93, where people may enjoy parks, museums, monuments, restaurants, supermarkets, and malls, to stroll around the city or go shopping.

If the guest’s plan is to make the most of his or her stay in Colombia and take short weekend trips to places such as Villa de Leyva, the coffee region, Cartagena or Medell├şn, BOGOAPTS offers guidance to ensure fulfilling and safe getaways, directing customers to trustworthy transportation, lodging, and tourism providers.

Beyond a place to stay, it is an experience, designed to support travelers from the beginning until the end of their journey, through services offered by BOGOAPTS that will make them feel right at home. Join us and be part of the lifestyle!

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